Products & Services

Products & Services

Best in class

Quick answer? Yes, we have done that. Better answer, we can do that. Best answer? Our experience in wind and solar combined with construction, electrical, fabrication and welding allows Auxilius to evaluate, analyze and customize cost effective solutions.


From basic erosion repair to removing a blade for major structural ground correction and CIM support, Auxilius Renewable Energy has logged thousands of hours of blade repair. Our fleet works from 3M baskets mostly, but also runs man lifts. Our team assesses drone footage and coordinates with our clients for a concise plan.


Auxilius possesses multiple oil exchange trailers operational in all types of weather conditions. We have some of the longest hoses in the industry. We are mobile, experienced and highly capable. Our local laydown / storage yard next to a railyard allows for long term outlooks and commodity pricing.

and Tension

Twist and shout! No. All joking aside this must attended ritual is what Auxilius knows, prepares, trains and ensures our calibrated equipment from multiple suppliers ensures a job done and done well. From commissioning to an annual maintenance program Auxilius’ tooling and team is efficient on time and budget.


“I know a guy.” Overheard from every manager in a multitude of industries and perhaps life. Our multi level approach at Auxilius delvers hands on experience from a plethora of OEM platforms along with training to ideally ensure boots on the ground ready to assist when the time is needed.

- Yaw & Puck

A necessary commodity similar to the oil and coolant exchanges Auxilius performs. We have done simple replacements. We like those. However we know the ones that get lodged. Our experience with stuck, frozen, melted or lodged pucks enables Auxilius to create time and cost saving solutions.

End of Warranty

Our internal checklist and knowledge of wind combined with construction delivers an ensured basis of commissioning and surety of EOW for wind farm managers. Checklist, pictures, acknowledgements, safety, Auxilius’ cloud based system allows for surety of items completed prior to full ownership commission.

GWO Training

Auxilius Renewable Energy is a certified GWO training partner. We currently offer full BST and BST refresher models. As an entire package or singularly, Auxilius can train, certify and do all compliance to ensure your technicians have their up to date WindaID and GWO certifications.

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