About Us

About Us

Who we are

Auxilius Renewable Energy team has been servicing wind turbines since 2009. Our years of working on a variety of turbine platforms has built strength in our troubleshooting and servicing capabilities. Our talented team of technicians and experienced management combine to manage jobs of our clients through safety, communication, hard work and quality. We value long term relationships where Auxilius is a partner in maximizing the performance of our client’s assets.

From basic BOP (balance of plant) maintenance to performing gearbox swaps, Auxilius’ plethora of services ensures wind farm managers receive timely and cost conscious work. Our fleet and knowledge consists of:

  • Blades - aerial inspection, internal inspection, full repair, leading edge protection, blade management
  • Oils & Fluids - oil changes with our sagevac trailers, hydraulic changes, greasing of all components, coolant exchanges
  • Borescoping - full inspection and reporting with analysis from our experienced technical team
  • Torque & Tensioning - full tooling provided with experience in annual inspection or new commissioning
  • End of Warranty - assist in devising inspection plans and perform full check box warranty inspection
  • Troubleshooting - full electrical uptower and downtower troubleshooting

Imperative to our success, Auxilius Renewable Energy strives to put safety first. Our change of ownership in 2021 triggered a change in culture and drive to safety. Zero recordable incidents, a sharply declining EMR and no major recordables since 2018. 600,000 uptower hours and counting with a zero incident report. Our in house safety training certifies and trains over 200 technicians per year. Safety is an assurance and a culture at Auxilius Renewable Energy.

Our Company

Auxilius is an evolving growing entity. All of our best parts are working together to make a whole. We know and trust one another. Integrity to our team, co-workers and especially our customers is a practiced value. Our goal is open communication, common goals and value for our customers in assessing, bidding and completing jobs.


At Auxilius safety is a daily practice. It is not something we solely owe to each and every employee, we owe it to the entire industry. We are continuously trying to improve. Main focus of improvement? Breaking the daily normal routine into conscious thought. We want to work a moment slower and recognize safety today in order to work a lifetime longer.


Eliminate pain points through exceptional service that stems from experience, training and value. How? Understand the KPI’s of each client and match what Auxilius does best to help achieve that. From supplemental manning, fluid exchanges, BOP, blade repair, inspection let Auxilius help you.

Training and Growth

For years Auxilius has provided the industry continuing education and testing in safety and rescue training. One of the premier training locations in the Midwest, Auxilius provides renewals, baseline certification and a number of specialized modules from troubleshooting to switchgear.

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